As your City Councillor, Kristyn will continue to:

  • Push for the cancellation of the Scarborough Subway to achieve the Scarborough LRT plan and make network-wide improvements such as the Relief Line and the Waterfront LRT
  • Expand cycling infrastructure, bike-sharing and active transportation opportunities throughout the downtown and beyond to encourage safe and convenient transportation options
  • Advocate for more affordable public transportation to connect residents and communities with the economic and social opportunities they need to thrive

OpenStreets2.jpgKristyn and the community at Open Streets TO, Toronto's largest free recreation program.

Kristyn Wong-Tam has been a vocal advocate for evidence-based transit planning and active transportation solutions across Toronto. As City Councillor, she has stood up against the one-stop Scarborough Subway proposal that has already ballooned to $3.35 billion, supported new cycling infrastructure, and has been a leading voice for accessibility rights at City Hall.

Kristyn has always championed the Relief Line as Toronto’s number one transit priority and has consistently voted in support of a Scarborough LRT program that serves more communities. She is also a strong advocate for the Waterfront LRT, which is integral to the City of Toronto's plans for the redevelopment of the industrial Donlands and ensuring that new neighbourhoods, including East Bayfront, are integrated into Toronto’s transit network.

In the downtown, she oversaw the implementation of new separated bike lanes on Wellesley Street and Sherbourne Street and has mandated that bicycle lanes be maintained around long-term construction sites whenever possible. When Toronto’s fledging bike share program, BIXI was in jeopardy, Kristyn obtained support of prominent corporations to secure more than one million dollars for its survival. She specifically leveraged new development funds into downtown stations to facilitate the networks expansion into new communities today.

Kristyn hosting press conference as Chair of the Toronto Accessibility Advisory Committee for the Sidewalks for All campaign to create city-wide sidewalk standards that work for pedestrians of all ages and ability. 


Kristyn was also City Council’s top champion for Sidewalks for All - the campaign to ensure all sidewalks are wide enough to be accessible to pedestrians. In the downtown, she has consistently pushed developers to provide more physically accessible space for pedestrians in their projects and has obtained more sidewalk space around construction sites. Her advocacy set a new 6.0 metre sidewalk standard for new construction projects which is the most ambitious public realm outcome, as it has the potential to improve access to every street in downtown Toronto.

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