As your City Councillor, Kristyn will continue to:

  • Maintain and expand employment spaces and fine-grain retail in the downtown so that character neighbourhoods are maintained and fewer people need to commute to their work places
  • Engage with wider and more diverse audiences to bring alternative voices into public policy and neighbourhood planning
  • Work directly with residents and community groups to enhance local projects and guide investments that will define our neighbourhoods for generations to come

Kristyn Wong-Tam has led two of the most important policy initiatives focused on Toronto’s liveability. The first is the city-wide Noise Bylaw Review that is now nearly completed. This was initiated to address unparalleled construction noise downtown, impacting on residents ability to enjoy their homes and neighbourhoods. The second is the city’s Elevator Repair Standards, that was initiated by Kristyn. This policy was put in place to address the concerns of many residents, including those with accessibility needs, who faced being stranded with elevators out of service for days, weeks, or even months in apartment buildings and condominiums.

Kristyn believes that a strong Toronto works for everyone. She has led the engagement of women in city policy and politics, initiated new city-wide noise and elevator repair standards, and ensured the retention of valuable employment spaces downtown. She has put local communities at the centre of decision-making with local meetings, inclusive consultations, and the promotion of equity in all of her work.

Kristyn leading a local public consultation, bringing together residents and communities to envision the future of development project in downtown Toronto.

People-Centred Policies

Retaining employment lands and office space downtown has also been a top priority of Kristyn for the past two terms of Council. While the City’s Official Plan calls for employment space growth downtown, many developers have opted to exclude it. Not only has Kristyn negotiated for higher office space standards, she has also consistently achieved ground-level retail plans in new developments that encourage small businesses and restaurants, rather than inappropriate big-box formula stores.

Bringing the voices of all residents, especially those traditionally sidelined, such as diverse women and girls, to the forefront has been a cornerstone of Kristyn’s work at City Hall. In addition to successfully passing motions to bring an intersectional gender lens to the City Budget, she has led by example by organizing gender-responsive budgeting town halls, promoting women in business leadership, and helping women of all ages get more involved in politics and political leadership.

Kristyn with organizers and participants from WomenWinTO, a local, non-partisan training program that prepares young women from diverse backgrounds to run for elected office.

Local, Thoughtful Engagement & Accountability

Kristyn believes that all voices need to be considered in developing community solutions and public policy. She has always worked hard to bring the community into City Hall decision-making, engaged a wider audience in consultations, and has helped to make City staff and service providers directly accessible to residents.

Monthly direct meetings with residents, business associations and major stakeholders have been critical to Kristyn understanding and responding to community needs. This has been a critical tool supporting accountability and ensuring that conversations and important work does not get forgotten at City Hall. She remains committed to this effective practice and bringing all Ward 22 communities into regular dialogue.

Kristyn leading a public consultation for the Indigenous District and Business Incubator, a 16,000 square feet of commercial space that Kristyn secured at Jarvis and Dundas. 


As Councillor, Kristyn has consistently raised the bar on public consultations downtown. In addition to doubling the radius for public consultation notices on area projects, she has also engaged every community she represents to establish joint visions for future investments. She has also changed the format of many development meetings to foster greater input from residents through design roundtables and has regularly formed working groups with the community to force developers to the highest standards possible. In fact, projects that Kristyn has compelled into community working groups have gone on to win design excellence prizes.

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