Why is moving people out of encampments and into housing difficult?

Moving someone into a new space requires time, client choice, resources, and has to be done with dignity. This starts with an individual assessment of each person to determine who is able to move, what supports they need, and what the appropriate place is for them to move to. City staff have described the complexity of securing space, outlining that for each new site activated, it requires:

  • Fire life safety inspections and site modifications to ensure adequate laundry and washroom facilities;
  • The difficult nature of securing space and integrating support programs into new communities;
  • Contracts put in place for cleaning, catering, linens, laundry and security; and
  • Coordination of transportation to move people and their belongings.

Clearing encampments is a multidisciplinary effort from city staff, and when appropriate there is support from the Toronto Police Service to ensure the safety of all.

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