Examples of Provincial Planning Policy

Provincial policy is expansive. Some examples of Provincial planning policy include:

  1. Setting minimum population and employment densities in defined “urban growth centres” such as the Downtown and Central Waterfront in Toronto;
  2. To concentrate intensification around transit nodes such as subway stations; and
  3. To conserve and promote cultural heritage resources.

From this broad provincial policy, municipalities are required to apply a more nuanced local lens through a policy document known as an official plan. Toronto’s Official Plan has more nuanced policies that include, but are not limited to:

  1. Office and rental replacement policies,
  2. Land use designations that help direct where growth should (and should not) occur
  3. Community benefits (i.e. section 37) See my Major Initiatives webpage for examples

Official plans are required to be updated regularly, and the Planning Act allows developers/landowners to appeal if they feel the new policy is not in their interest.

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