Children’s Services

Toronto Children’s Services promotes access to high-quality early learning and child care services and works closely with the community to develop a coordinated system that meets the diverse needs of Toronto families and children. Children’s Services helps families find and access licensed child care, including the cost and provides support for children with extra support needs who are enrolled in licensed child care. They offer funding, resources, and professional development to help agencies deliver programs that are high quality, accessible and inclusive. They work to ensure that all families in Toronto benefit from a range of services that promote healthy child development and family well-being.

Voting Results

Comments from participants:

It is so important to give children an opportunity to build a foundation which will contribute to their success as they progress through life. A very worthy goal in my mind.

We need UBI for every human, including kiddos. We must maintain funding for these stop-gaps until other levels of government to step up.

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