650 Parliament: Update March 2, 2019

Updated March 1, 2019

Repairs and construction work are ongoing. I have asked a series of questions of the landlord on your behalf. I have included their responses in this update.

From 650 Parliament Inc. management:

1) There was a concern at a previous meeting with tenants that the insurance that the property owner had secured to allow tenants to subsidize stays in hotels and off-site units only extended until the end of April. What is the status of displaced tenants being able to stay in their temporary units past April 30 until they can return to 650 Parliament?

Information about the tenant assistance program for May 1st forward will be shared later this month.


2) Can you provide a construction schedule for 650 Parliament that can be shared with tenants?

Reconstruction efforts are ongoing and are fulsome.  We will not be providing a construction schedule for residents.


3) What is the current estimated date for tenants to return to their units at 650 Parliament?

We have no new details on this currently.  An update will be provided in the coming weeks as to an anticipated reoccupancy. The scope of work is unparalleled and the return will not be before the date already provided, and may in fact be later. 


4) There is concern about may happen to tenant's furniture during the rehabilitation of 650 Parliament. Are there current or future plans to remove tenant furniture from their units, and if so, how is the landlord ensuring that the furniture is properly taken care of?

Matters related to resident contents are part of the ongoing litigation and that this issue is scheduled to be reviewed by the judge later this month.  We will have no update on this until the matter is heard. 


5) There are tenants concerned that they have been put in housing which is not comparable to their accommodations at 650 Parliament (i.e. no balcony, smaller rooms, etc). Are these tenants being compensated for accepting a smaller unit?

No. The current tenant compensation package is unparalleled and extremely generous. 


6) Tenants are asking for bi-weekly updates on the WPSQ website. Can the landlord commit to provide that for their tenants?

We can not make this commitment at this time due to multiple factors.  We can, and will continue, to promise to update tenants with new accurate and timely information as often as possible.


From Toronto Fire Services:

No update to provide.


From Toronto Building:

No update to provide.


Next update: March 15, 2019.

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