650 Parliament: Update July 16, 2019

July 16, 2019

This update provides some more information from Toronto Building on active building permits. It provides some rough information about work that has occurred within 650 Parliament. We continue to receive a lot of requests about what is occurring inside, and continue to push Toronto Building and the Landlord for as much information as they can provide.

We do not have any update regarding the class action lawsuit, specifically the request to transfer items from apartments to the basement. According the media reports, the Landlord and representatives for 650 Parliament tenants have not come to terms. Should our office hear that an agreement has been reached before the courts we will provide that information. 

We also do not have any update from Toronto Fire Services with regards to the recent fire at 650 Parliament beyond what has been provided in previous updates. We are still in contact with Toronto Fire Services and will provide more information if it becomes available.

From 650 Parliament Inc. management:

No update to provide.


From Toronto Fire Services:

No update to provide.


From Toronto Building:

Toronto Building staff have shared progress on three building permits that have been issued since the fire last August. 

Permit 18-255472 FSU: replacement of Fire Department connections and piping.

  • Work substantially  completed as of June 2nd

Permit  18-271433 BLD: proposed fire damage repair

  • asbestos removal  to affected area is completed
  • General repair work is approximately 45% completed
  • Fire stopping inspections in progress.

Permit 19-114020 MSA; replacing existing ductwork.

  • the work is approximately 80% completed.
  • Progress is impacted by the current sheet metal workers strike.


Next update: August 1, 2019

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