650 Parliament: Update July 2, 2019

Update July 2, 2019

There is a small update from the landlord. We continue to ask questions of both 650 Parliament Inc. and Toronto Building, as requested by tenants, and will continue to push for more information. 

Our understanding is that the Landlord and Counsel for 650 Parliament Street continue to finalise the details regarding the Landlord's request to move items from apartments to the garage to facilitate unit repairs. As before, tenants are being represented by the law firms of Strosberg Sasso Sutts LLP and Charney Lawyers. Please visit their website for information about the class action lawsuit as well as contact information. 

Tenants have asked us if there are any changes to the estimated return date. At this point, the most up-to-date information was provided in our June 16 update suggests that repairs will be completed in September, with residents cycling into the building over the next two months. This scenario would require the courts to grant the landlord the ability to move items into the garage. We have reached out to class counsel again and we will provide any updates as appropriate.

We have heard a number of concerns about tenants living at hotels and AirBnB units being asked to move from their current lodgings into units owned by WPSQ in St. James Town, such as 240, 260 and 280 Wellesley Street East. Individuals who choose not to move into a unit that is provided are being told they assistance levels may be reduced or eliminated if they choose to stay in their current unit, as warned by the Landlord in their May 16, 2019 update

These cases unfortunately are likely landlord-tenant issues that are under the provincial Residential Tenancies Act, and therefore outside the city's purview, and would instead be adjudicated through the Landlord Tenant Board as required. Our office is happy to advocate to your landlord for accommodation if requested. 

Tenants who are being affected and do not wish to move are highly encouraged to seek legal advice. If you cannot afford a lawyer, please contact a legal aid clinic such as Neighbourhood Legal Services at 416-861-0677. 

From 650 Parliament Inc. management:

Tenants have requested that the Landlord provide a construction schedule and updates on repairs occurring inside of the building. The Landlord will consider this request.

Tenants have also asked what has caused the delay to bring the request to remove items from apartments before the courts. The Landlord had requested this action back in late January, and say that it took until June for the matter to be properly put before Justice Belobaba. 


From Toronto Fire Services:

No update to provide.


From Toronto Building:

No update to provide.


Next update: July 15, 2019

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