650 Parliament Update: February 01, 2020

As residents prepare to move back into 650 Parliament, we can assure you that we have not forgotten about 650 Parliament Tenants. You remain one of our office's top priorities. We know there have been questions about ongoing compensation cheques and move in time allotments. As always, if you aren't getting a satisfactory response from the Landlord we will continue to use what influence we have with your landlord to get them to respond to tenants who contact us and to answers questions that tenants bring to us.

Last week City Council adopted a motion directing the City Solicitor to attempt to reclaim costs born by the city in providing and facilitating emergency services. The Property Owner had obligations to provide services (ie. alternative accommodation, food, transportation) to the residents of 650 Parliament who were displaced by the fire. Mr. Grosz, on behalf of the Property Owner, agreed to reimburse the City if it stepped in to fulfill the Property Owner's obligations in the immediate aftermath of the fire.

We want to ensure residents that the City's attempt to reclaim these costs will have no impact on your move in date. 

More inforation about the lawsuit can be access in the Toronto Star" https://www.thestar.com/news/gta/2020/01/30/city-set-to-sue-650-parlaiment-owners-over-non-payment-of-initial-recovery-costs.html

From 650 Parliament Inc. management:

No update to provide.


From Toronto Fire Services:

No update to provide.


From Toronto Building:

No update to provide.


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