260 Wellesley Street East Update #4

Updated January 26, 2019 at 10:37 a.m.

I just spoke to Toronto Fire Services who has confirmed that heat and hydro is now running to all 33 floors at 260 Wellesley Street East. Even with this initial success, tenants are asked to refrain from plugging in too many electrical devices all at once in case the system is overloaded, which may cause the entire system to shut down.

Toronto Fire has successfully inspected all apartments, with the exception of 58 units, where access was not readily available. Access to these 58 units will be gained with the assistance of a professional locksmith. The purpose for entry is to ensure that all water taps have been turned off properly in the kitchens and bathrooms. Only after the remaining 58 units have been physically inspected and determined safe, then will Toronto Fire be able to fully turn the water back on for the all apartments. It is anticipated that this will happen later this evening.

In the meantime, sanitary water (not suitable for drinking) will continue to be made available for tenant use from Toronto Fire. Bottles of water for drinking will be provided to each floor. Hot meals from the property owner are available for the tenants at the property management office at 240 Wellesley St East. The Wellesley Community Centre remains open for tenant use.

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